Gerrit Cloete 3 weeks ago Friendly service, great prices for high quality products. Flavours and diy products available. Super concentrate for diy. Located on the second floor and the entrance is a little hard to find. 1 Fanus van Straten Fanus van Straten 3 weeks ago Good, personal and friendly service and the best prices in the industry. 1 Deidre Carter Deidre Carter a month ago Great Service, Great product, Great Price and the best Bakup support 1 robin mark dreyden robin mark dreyden 6 months ago Excellent service… i was helped with a smile and the lady offered to show me how the device works without me having to ask. I would recommend Vape N1 city to anyone looking to start the vape experience… thank you 2 Response from the owner6 months ago Thank you very much Robin. Suhayl Mahomed Suhayl Mahomed 6 months ago A++++++++++++++ Seller HIGHLY RECOMMENDED , very pleasant and helpful , lightening fast transaction!!!!! will definitely do business with Vape Africa again…. 1 Response from the owner4 months ago Thank you Suhayl allan killingbeck allan killingbeck 9 months ago cool shop great service 1 Response from the owner4 months ago Thank you Allan Andries Coetzee Andries Coetzee 4 months ago Conveniently located 1 Response from the owner4 months ago Thank you Andries Renate Henn Renate Henn a year ago What a great experience. Ek hoop julle besigheid groei van krag tot krag. Julle diens is puik. Die geel sigaret werk wonderlik……….my man is van 3 pakkies n dag af na 11/2 n week in minders as 2 weke. Puik stuff. Dankie 1 Response from the owner4 months ago Thank you very much Renate Dean Kruger Dean Kruger a month ago Derick van eyssen Derick van eyssen 2 months ago Gert Venter Gert Venter 2 months ago Chesslinn Kriga Chesslinn Kriga 5 months ago Response from the owner4 months ago Thank you Chesslinn.
09/29/2012 – I work on a ship where there are strict rules against the smokers.We only have one designated area for smokers and there were always negative comments from the non smokers.One of my colleages inspired me one trip by getting himself a e-sigarrette.The following trip i bought myself one by vape-africa and it was the best decision in my life.I am currently only vaping and are off the sigarette.Now all the others smokers are all interested in this product.Thanks vape africa and e-sigarrette.
09/25/2012¬†– I have tried the LIQUA flavoured fluids and it is absolutely stunning, and if you compare the pricing and quantity of these bottles versus the competitors out there, this is much better value for money…
09/21/2012 – E cigs brought me from two packs of Camels a day down to zero! I can enjoy a smoking sensation without the guilt or the associated health risks of cigarettes. Vape Africa are not only well priced, they have an extensive range of products to get you started.
09/19/2012 РI was very skeptical about the e-cig but gave it a try anyway as I felt I had nothing to lose. It is almost four weeks since I had my last cigarette and have no plan to smoke again Рonly vaping. I will recommend it to anyone either looking for a healthier option or trying to give up smoking. Adrian has been amazing. He even assisted me on a Sunday evening when I had a problem!  Thanks Adrian

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