Introducing Vape Africa and Vape

Established in 2012,Vape Africa (Pty) Ltd believes that a cost-effective alternative to cigarettes is vital for our local market. Vape Africa is an owner-managed family company run by the Vries Family. The company is the first E-cigarette retailer in South Africa to manufacturer E-cigarette liquids carrying the proudly South African logo. We strictly adhere to ethical policies that include not advertising or selling nicotine product to minors and ensuring our 20ml products feature child-proof lids to prevent accidental digestion. Deemed to be an alternative with far less risk than tobacco cigarettes, it provides an alternative for nicotine users without the need for the inhalation of smoke and tobacco. One in every two smokers is likely to die as a result of tobacco use. Research carried out by public health authorities in England in 2015 found that E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco As a company Vape Africa strives to offer the highest quality products at an affordable price.