Justfog Minifit Review
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15/Nov Justfog Minifit Review

Today I’ll be looking at the new JustFog Minifit Pod system. The Minifit is the first pod system released by the popular Justfog brand. At first glance it’s very easy to confuse it for a flash drive. The device measures 21mm X 15mm X 70mm and weighs just a fraction under 20 grams! When it comes to convenience and being light weight, nothing really compares to the Minifit. The Minifit comes with a built-in 370mAh battery and a 1.5ml pod cartridge. The battery supports constant voltage output with a 3-level battery indicator and naturally the device is fitted with multiple Battery protection features.

Inside of the pod you’ll find a 1.6ohm coil filled up with Japanese organic cotton. In my experience I’ve found that coils will last between two to four weeks depending on the liquid that I use. Clear fruity sweetener free menthols are King! You have two fill ports which make filling an absolute pleasure – when liquid spills from the opposite fill port – you’ll know that your pod is full.

My liquid consumption has dropped significantly – I will only fill my pod once per day and at the end of every day I usually have a little left-over liquid inside of the pod. My personal method of filling is to refill the pod once it reaches half way. This is to ensure that I always have liquid inside of the device (half a day’s worth of puffing) and so that I don’t burn out the coils because of a low liquid level. Since using the device I have dropped my Liquid consumption to only 30ml per month.

Some interesting note worthy points I’d like to list:

My only con is that the device is not draw activated – However this prevents the auto firing that was very much an issue with the Sourin Air

The device is extremely hardy – In 2 months I’ve dropped the device probably close to 20 times. I’ve found no damage to the device at all – including aesthetics.

Charging takes only 20-30 minutes from flat! Winner-winner chicken dinner!

I’ve had the device for 2 months and have only drained the device to empty on one single occasion. For me the battery lasts the full day – I can see extreme users draining the battery in half a day, but I am extremely impressed by how long this little guy can run on a single charge.

It’s also so small that I’ve misplaced it on many an occasion.

The draw is very tight – something I really appreciate on a mouth to lung device. If you’ve ever had an exceed edge the draw is about half with regards to airflow and a little less than the Sourin Air (another favourite of mine).

I’ve seen reviews on how to rebuild the pods – I have attempted to rebuild a pod to no avail. It wasn’t as easy for me as others have found, perhaps I don’t have the correct tools. 32 Gauge wire is recommended for those wanting to attempt a rebuild.

The Minifit can be used for both THC liquids as well as CBD liquids – making it an extremely diverse product at an insanely affordable price point! I’ve picked mine up for a mere R250.

I’ve listed Some specifications below.

Constant output voltage
Remaining battery display
Power on/off function
Smart battery protection
Easy refilling system
Japanese organic cotton is used

Size: 21mm x 15mm x 70mm
Battery: 370mAh (Built-in 370mAh battery)
Pod Capacity: 1.5ml
Resistance; 1.6 Ohm
Charging: 20-30 minutes

Included in packaging
1x MINIFIT battery (Built-in 370mAh battery)
1x POD
1x USB cable
1x Manual


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