SMOK Nord Review
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16/Jul SMOK Nord Review


A pod system that packs a true punch, not only is it stylishly designed, its compact and perfect for everyday use. I’ve found that refilling of the pod is very easy through the fill port on the side of the mouth-piece sealed by a rubber bung.
With its small size (measured at 94mm by 30mm by 18.8mm), the device is easy to just slip in your pocket and comfortably sits in-hand.
By the SMOK Nord’s growing popularity – the new “toy” on the market has proven to be a very reliable and trust worthy device providing the consumer with complete satisfaction.

Features of futuristic elegance

The SMOK Nord has a simple shape and curved edges that compliment its unique resin and crosshatched designs giving it a classic yet modern feel.
Multiple colors to choose from making sure that there is a vape to fit whatever personality and taste a person has.
The SMOK Nord kit is an ultra-portable pod that comes in a simple and convenient box.
The SMOK Nord is a button-trigger which has a firm tactile response that also doesn’t rattle, and in case you weren’t aware, the button also acts as an LED battery indicator (RED indicates 0-30% / ORANGE 30-70% / GREEN 70-100%) which should give you roughly eight hours of use.

In the box

The pod system which has a built in 1100mAh battery has proven to provide suitable durability for day to day usage – making it even more appealing.
The mods’starter kit contains the device
0.6 ohm mesh coil for regular sub-ohm vaping
1.4 ohm coil for MTL vaping, a USB charging cable
User manual
The manual contains all that the vaper needs to know about the pod system.


Being the proud owner of the SMOK Nord kit i am truly satisfied with the outcome as i am now no-longer dependent on traditional cigarette’s,
I’ve found only two faults that may differ from person to person,
with use over time there is a constant moisture build-up as the coil’s airflow is directly above the contact points which could result in a poor connection over a long period of time.
The second fault being the rubber bung/latch, being that tiny i predict that with usual wear and tear it could result in the plug breaking off completely.

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