Vaporesso Gen Review
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17/Oct Vaporesso Gen Review

Where it all started

Vaporesso has established a tradition in making reliable and high-performing and popular mods like the Luxe, Polar, Revenger X and Armour Pro. They have quietly been one of the top mod makers in vaping for a while now.

The Vaporesso GEN is the latest dual-18650 mod from the popular manufacturer, Vaporesso. The device is rated for 220 watts and comes equipped with the brand new Axon chip which is designed to be lightweight and soft to the touch, and it surely is!

Can the GEN live up to the standards set by Vaporesso’s previous mods? Lets find out.

Some background information

The design of this mod caught my attention at first, as it would with anyone else. I know that a lot of vapers have urged for mods to go back to simple designs instead of looking like something from a sci-fi movie, and Vaporesso delivers. The mod appears rectangular with rounded edges that ensures a comfortable grip. It also has a very soft feel to it, like no other device I’ve tried before. Their site claims that the soft touch casing is made of a 4 layered coating giving it a soft rubber-like feel, yet making it smooth to the touch and I have to say they aren’t lying there! Again, I’m thoroughly impressed by Vaporesso’s newest mod delivering like none other.

As humans, it’s quite challenging to not scrutinize something when wanting to purchase it and in this case, The small 0.91-inch black and white screen that they chose to use seemed simplistic and outdated to me. I understand that the giant screen of the Luxe may have been a bit too much but something similar to the screens of the Famovape Magma, Vandy’s Swell and Jackaroo, or the Geekvape Nova would have been better for my liking.

The materials

The Vaporesso Gen mod is satisfyingly built and well designed – While it is not as small as some of its competition, it comes at a good size and it is very lightweight at only around 107 grams—pretty much the same weight as the Vandy Vape Swell. The mod comes in four color options with the red and blue devices fading into black at the bottom. I have the silver one which looks pretty sleek and clean, but the “red to black fade” is my favorite. Branding is discreet with a small “Vaporesso” logo in the middle of one side, and a small “V” logo on the bottom center of the other. The centered 510 pin is great and can handle a 26mm atomizer without overhang.

The battery door is a standard magnetic side plate. Batteries fit well and are easy to remove using the ribbon that’s attached to the plastic battery tray. The door has a coating on it with a clear warning about not using batteries with broken wraps; well done there! I’m always happy to see safety being a priority. There is no button rattle, the battery door has no play and the magnets are strong.

I’d like to address a few things I’ve seen online about this mod. One user reported issues with the 510 becoming loose. I stress tested mine and had no issue at all. It seems to be isolated to a few defective early samples. Another reported issue was a discoloration on the top of the mod, which was claimed to be due to heat. I tested this as well and heat did not cause any discoloration to my device. I dug deeper to find the source of it and oddly enough, it’s due to e-juice. If you have a leaking tank, the outer soft material of the mod will absorb the juice and get stained. They should have put a clear coating to prevent that, but I can see it being an oversight as it’s not something that happens often. I will ding them for that though.

They list 2.5-amp charging on this mod and while I don’t recommend charging mods internally, I did test that just for informational purposes. I found the max charge rate to be 1.94-amps, so while it is a little overrated it does charge really fast, and most people don’t have a charger capable of over 2 amps anyway. However, it’s always best practice to use an external charger.

The features

The Vaporesso GEN is packed with features and modes like most of their other mods. It has Pulse Mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, a DIY Mode which is where you can pick the standard mode for Power (with normal, hard and soft preheats), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and one memory slot), Voltage Mode, Watt Curve Mode, Bypass Mode, and Super Player Mode. In the settings menu, you’ll find their Smart and Auto Modes. The mod uses a standard TCR system, which is fully adjustable across all modes. Fantastic!

To sum it up, the GEN has pretty much every mode out there and then some, to the point where it’s overbearing. It’s cool to have the features, but everything you need is in the DIY mode menu and that’s where I stick around. I’m Not sure what’s the point of having a Pulse mode, and Super Player is just Power mode with lower minimum resistance.

Using the Vaporesso Gen

As far as the menu goes, it’s the typical Vaporesso menu with a dedicated mode button between the plus and minus. It’s very simple and easy to navigate.
Here is a quick rundown:

5 clicks of the fire button to turn on and off
3 clicks of mode button to enter the menu
Use up and down to scroll the menu and mode to accept.
Use the fire button to exit the menu
3 clicks of the fire button to lock adjustment buttons (can still fire)
TCR and power adjustments are made after selecting the mode
Navigation is pretty straightforward and easy, especially if you have been using a Vaporesso mod in the past.

The GEN features their new Axon chip. Their older mods used the Omni chip which was one of the best chips in vaping, despite not getting the recognition it deserves, and much better than the more popular Gene chip of the Voopoo mods. Let’s see if the Axon can continue the tradition.

Other tests

Testing on this mod was done with Sony VTC5A Batteries. They list the specs at 220 watts, but no volt or amp limit listed anywhere. I would have liked them to have listed all three on their site. During my testing, the max achieved wattage was 219, so their 220-watt rating is excellent. The amp limit I got was 44, which is above average for a dual-battery mod. The volt limit with a 0.67-ohm coil was 9.257, which is higher than most dual battery mods on the market and shows there is a boost circuit—that’s a pleasant plus, since most dual battery mods don’t have one. I’m glad they kept that in, as it’s only been Vaporesso, Geekvape, Innokin, and Aspire doing that consistently on their chips over the past few years.

The mod adjusts in 0.1-watt increments under 100 watts and full-watt increments at 100 or more. You can also hold the button to scroll quickly by one watt. Overall it works well, but I don’t see a point in using 0.1-watt increments for anything over 20 watts.

During my testing, the mod did a great job of not getting hot. It is also a pretty accurate mod, as you can see in the full test results above. It struggled a little with the 0.1-ohm build, but other than that, it performed great. I was also happy to see that they removed the forced hard preheat.


We, Vape Arica, are happy to have included the Vaporesso GEN to our shelves, as it’s proven to be a reliable mod delivering satisfaction to its users.

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