Voopoo Alpha One Overview by SuperZADE
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17/Jan Voopoo Alpha One Overview by SuperZADE



On opening the beautiful and stylish, red and black slide box packaging, I was blown away. I purchased the all silver version (there’s also a black and a silver and brown) and I’m glad I did!

Now, those of us who remember the 80’s, mostly remember it with special affection. I’ve read a few comments about this looking like an 80’s Sony Walkman and those comments are not unfounded. I dare say that everything down to the big, rectangular, plate style buttons seem to have been deliberately fashioned off an old cassette walkman, though even more minimalist!

I lifted this solid, completely sharp edged rectangular, silver block out of the box…think Space Odyssey Monolith and you’ll get the point.

The first thing I have to say is that the GENE chip doesn’t disappoint, the ramp-up time is unbeatable and the power I feel I’m getting is true and impressive.

The addition of LOVE mode, which can be toggled on or off through the function menu and which automatically kicks in at 160W, is a stroke of genius.

It pulses the power in higher wattages, maximizing flavour and cloud with no nasty burning of your vape juice and a gentleness I think any coil build will truly appreciate. This is of course for those of us who’re too lazy or technically challenged to set power curves ourselves, which, with the help of the devices custom mode settings, are relatively easy to do.

The device boasts absolute accuracy and lightning speed response when it comes to detecting new atomizers, once you press Y for new coil, the device will set to a recommended wattage well below the atomizers preferred range, this is just one of a thorough and much appreciated host of safety features which are sadly lacking on many popular devices, hopefully that will change.

I experienced no excessive heating when vaping for extended periods at above 160W levels, thanks to LOVE mode no doubt, which I feel no need to toggle off.

the gene chip provides such great vape quality, you probably won’t need to venture into those higher wattages, 80W here is like 100W on most devices, without the overheating, without the battery drainage. I love this chip and I love the Voopoo Alpha One, all day!



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