Wismec Luxotic NC Review by SuperZADE
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15/Nov Wismec Luxotic NC Review by SuperZADE


Yo Yo Yo it’s SuperZADE™ in the HOUSE!! Dropping a review on my current vape setup. WHAT’S GOING ON EVERYBODY! I am currently using a Hellvape Dead Rabbit RDA on the Luxotic NC. I’ve always been a big fan of the noisy cricket mods – mainly for their neat look and because they are not as fragile as most regulated mods today. When I first got the Luxotic NC, I really liked the look of it. The resin is beautiful, but I’m not a huge fan of the metal plate in the middle. Call it personal preference. It’s a large mod as you’d expect from a dual 20700 mod and it comes with 2 x 18650 adapters as well. It’s a simple mod with a switch to change from series to parallel mode on the top and a potentiometer dial to adjust the power output which only works in some cases I’ll explain in the performance section.

The main reason I am using this mod isn’t for its good looks or comfortable feel in the hand, but rather for the powerful voltage output
I generally like to share my atomizers between mech tubes and regulated mods which means my coil resistance is usually below 0.1ohm, and are run in parallel, the Luxotic NC does the job well all the way till the batteries are low. I like the fact that in parallel, you can use either 1 or 2 batteries. I’ve tried a buddy’s atomizer on this mod in series and the ramp up time was extremely impressive. The mod is also capable of operating in an unregulated series mode but I found that the power output can be a bit too high for a low resistance set of coils but it is a nice feature to have for high resistance coils.

In conclusion, I think that I’ve made a good choice purchasing this mod because it performs the way I expect a Noisy Cricket to perform and it sells at a very reasonable price. The main flaw in opinion is that this mod is quite fragile because the resin can easily crack if the device had to be dropped, then again, the resin finish is one of the main reasons this mod looks as great as it does.
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