How to wick a coil the right way
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25/Jul How to wick a coil the right way

In this tutorial, I will be using the Coil Master Organic Cotton.
There are many different ways and methods on how to wick an atomizer and they play an important part in how well the atomizer will perform.


You will need a mod with your rebuildable atomizer on it. Your coils need to be fitted on the build deck before you wick them to prevent them from moving out of shape. You will need a pair of scissors to trim the cotton down to size. You will also need a small screwdriver or a pair of tweezers to help you adjust the wick once you have it through the coil. Finally, you’ll need your e-liquid of choice on hand.


First, get your piece of cotton and stretch it into a rope-like shape. Roll it between your fingers to compress the fibres a bit. You will need to run your wick through your coils, so it needs to be able to fit. You don’t want the cotton to be so small that it can easily slide out of the coils.

Once you get the hang of this it becomes quite easy, but for your first few tries, try to thread the cotton through the coil and see how it fits. If it moves your coils and is pulling them out of shape, the cotton is too thick. If it pulls through the coil with a bit of around the edges, it’s too thin. The cotton needs to be snug without changing the shape of your coils in the process.
The best way to thread your cotton is to tightly roll one end of it down to a point so that it can be threaded through like a needle. Your cotton should be 4-5cm long so you should have more than enough room to roll one end while leaving the center of your cotton loose enough to fill the coil.

Once your cotton is in place it is time to trim the ends and secure it. You don’t want to trim the ends off your cotton right at the ends of the coil. This would leave you with very little cotton for absorbing e-liquid. Instead you want to have about 1cm sticking out on either side of the coil. Use your scissors to cut the cotton down to size.

Now it is time to tuck the cotton ends in. There are different techniques for doing this, but the easiest way is to tuck the ends of the cotton down under the coil. By wrapping the ends this way you are holding the cotton in place and creating a way for the cotton to absorb the juice sitting in your tank. This is where a tweezers will come in handy because you don’t want to move your coil while you’re trying to get the loose ends of cotton tucked in.

With the cotton ends tucked in, try to create a small gap beneath your coils as well by pushing the ends of the wick to either side under the coil. If you don’t give yourself a gap, you may end up cutting off your air flow and losing flavour. If your cotton is filling all that space, the air will pass only over the top of your coil and won’t flow around and through the coils to pick up the flavour.

Finally, now is the time to add your e-liquid. Add a few drops to your cotton and ensure that it is well saturated inside the coil and at the base. Once your e-liquid is soaked up, do a test fire of your device to see if it starts creating vapour right away. If everything alright, you can put the rest of your atomizer back together and begin vaping.

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