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Welcome to Vape / Vap3 Africa

Vape Africa / Vap3 has been importing E- CIGARETTES and producing our own in-house Vape juices since 2012. Over the years we have expanded our product portfolio and built strong relationships with the leading MOD (Direct Lung) and E-cigarette (Mouth the Lung) manufacturers across the world to offer a wide range of options at competitive prices. Vape Africa supplies to selected Spar stores and ships our products countrywide. Please feel free to look at our different options we have to offer. We deliver to Cape Town , Johannesburg , Durban , Kimberley and all other areas in South Africa.

Established in 2012 Vape Africa (Pty) Ltd believes it is vital to supply a cost effect alternative to cigarettes.

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E-cigarette are an electronic device that is used to try and substitute the feeling and satisfaction of smoking a tobacco product. The atomizer heats a liquid to generate an aerosol, commonly called a “vapor”. The user inhales the vapor to their mouth first and then into the lungs. Also known as MTL (Mouth to Lung).The use of e-cigarettes is commonly also called vaping.

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Mod Devices and RDA tanks

Direct lung involves drawing the vapour straight down into the lungs. This way a thick puff of vapour fills the lungs, similar to the sensation of using a hookah pipe. This method is also associated or known as sub-ohm vaping. Direct Lung gives a more intense hit than Mouth to Lung. Many vapers prefer this method of vaping but can sometimes be overwhelming at first. This method of vaping requires the rapid heating of the e-liquid at a high temperatur so the liquid needs to be inhaled quickly to avoid a hot vape. Direct Lung is also the preferred method of vaping by cloud chasers, DLI is the key to producing thick billowing clouds of vapour. An optimum direct lung hit requires a vape mod with an RDA or sub-ohm tank.

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Direct Lung Liquids / Vap3 Juices

These liquids are to be used with a mod device and the liquid is then poured into the tank attached to the mod device. These liquids are a combination of PG, VG and flavouring. Vape Africa containers for Direct Lung Mod devices are 60ml with child proof lids
Available in nicotine levels of 0mg | 03mg

Vap3 Direct Lung MOD Liquids Mod Liquids

Vap3 Mouth to Lung / E-Cigarette Liquids

The ingrediants used in E-Liquid are propylene glycol, glycerine, flavouring and nicotine. Theses E-liquids are then poured into the atomizer and then heated up to become vapor. The containers come in 20ml packaging with child proof lids. Not all e-liquids contain nicotine. Available in nicotine levels of 6mg | 14mg

Vap3 Mouth to Lung Electronic E-Cigarette Liquid E-Cigarette Liquids

What are the risks of vaping?

What about the risks associated with vape? There are no major risks associated with vape that are known at this time, but there are some benefits. The vapor that you inhale is mixed with nicotine for an experience that is truly unique. There is absolutely no tobacco in them, and they are battery operated. Not only do you reduce your risk of obtaining serious health-related issues, but you also eliminate the odour associated with tobacco filled cigarettes and there’s absolutely no smoke to worry about.
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Vape vs Smoking | What’s the big deal? – Should You Switch?

According to health officials, smoking can cause several types of cancers, several types of leukemia, vascular disease, heart disease, pneumonia, emphysema, blindness, chronic bronchitis, bad breath, aging, erectile dysfunction, gum disease, macular degeneration, yellow brittle nails and the list goes on. Let’s not forget to mention that it leaves a vile smell in your hair, skin and on your clothes.
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What is the difference between vape an e-cigarette, and smoking an analogue cigarette?

In a nutshell, about 3,996 chemicals.There are 599 additives put into analogue cigarettes. Once you start burning a cigarette, those additives create 4,000 chemical compounds. Some of which include: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia. There are forty-three known carcinogens in mainstream smoking and second-hand smoke.
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