Kurt von Schaetzing

Vape Africa Testimonial

Age: 40 Years old
Smoked: 20 Years
Vaping: 2 Years
Device: Smok Procolour
Flavour: Dragon fruit

I smoked for 20 years. A pack a day easy. I had tried before to quit but it took major flu for me to look at what it was doing to my lungs.

I’d always hated vapers. I walked into your store and told your first staff member Zade as such. He seemed shocked. I laughed and followed up with “now sell me a vape I need to quit smoking”. We got on very well and he was an absolute legend.

My first device was a Smok Procolor Kit and after much debate I was hooked on the dragon fruit flavour.

I’ve been cigarette free for 2 years this November and cannot thank you and your team enough.

Jason Knell

Vape Africa Testimonial

Age: 24 Years old
Smoked: 4 Years
Vaping: 4 Years
Device: Voopoo Drag
Flavour: Lime Milkshake

I Started smoking at school with friends, but it more socially. As time went by and I started going to university the few cigarettes a week turned into a pack a day. I got fed up of how tired and drained I felt all the time, and the stench cigarette smoke left everywhere you went, be it your clothes, car, etc.

I switched to vaping after it was recommended to me by a friend. I used direct lung 3mg Lime Milkshake flavour on the Voopoo Drag and it worked for a few months but I still felt myself smoking at parties, etc. I ended up moving over to freebase 12 mg e-liquid which was a lot more satisfying and kept the cravings at bay. Currently I’m 4 years off clean and have a healthy mixture of mouth to kung and direct lung devices which I switch between depending on the need.

Ashiya Dooling

Vape Africa Testimonial

Vaping: 2 Years
Flavour: Fruity Flavours

Vaping has changed our lives (both myself and hubby) since quitting cigarettes 2 years ago.
Since I started vaping, I’ve been healthier. I can tell by not getting sick a lot in Winter.

My sense of taste and smell has improved and I can freely smoke in the comfort of my office without bad odors lurking on my clothes or in the office as such – I only get compliments on my fruity flavored vapor.

My sinuses have also improved and I can freely say I do not regret my change, a plus is our kids gives us hugs and kisses now because we smell so nice.

Pat Meyer

Vape Africa Testimonial

Age: 60 Years old
Smoked: 44 Years
Vaping: 5 Months
Device: Vaporesso Osmall and Vaporesso XROS
Flavour: Fruity/ Dessert

I had been smoking for 44 years and had been advised to stop smoking by my doctor on numerous occasions because of my lungs. But as you know it is not easy, but during lockdown in May 2020 I made up my mind to quit smoking and started vaping in June 2020.

I choose a MTL Pod Device with nicotine salts. It was not easy, but I’m glad I did, I feel much healthier now. Even when I ride my quad bike, I don’t get so tired anymore.

Another good thing about vaping is that I don’t have that constant coughing. My smell and taste have all come back. When I’m near someone who smokes, that smell is revolting and to think I used to smell like that. Thanks to vaping I don’t smell any more.

Another thing – vapers are always friendly and helpful.

Lance Fortuin

Vape Africa Testimonial

Age: 23 Years old
Smoked: 3 Years
Vaping: 4 Months
Device: SMOK Nord
Flavour: Vanilla Custard

I started smoking when I was 16 years old.

I first discovered vaping while I was at my first job. A colleague recommended that I should give vaping a try because he saw I was still young and said that it was much safer, and came in a variety of flavours and nicotine levels.

So, one day after work I decided to purchase my first vape- the SMOK V8 stick kit. I will never forget the experience and how good it felt. I’ve been hooked ever since. My family are heavy smokers and the option to take a different, more healthy approach was what I needed. I have influenced a few of my family members to give vaping a try, and ever since then they’re still vaping and finding their sweet spot. I would definitely recommend any smoker out there to give vaping a try and start living a healthier lifestyle.

Be a role model and live better.

Johan Folscher

vape africa testimonial

Age: 49 Years old
Smoked: 35 Years
Vaping: 7 Months
Device: SMOK Nord
Flavour: Vap3 Highland Soda, Watermelon Mojito, Sunshine, Medusa Grape

I started vaping just before the lockdown and man was it difficult at first. But with the motivation from my family, friends and the staff from Vape Africa I can proudly say I have done it, no more cigarettes for me.

I highly recommend Vape Africa, as you will always feel at home in the shop and receive excellent service.

Thanks a million to you guys.

Niven Naidoo

Vape Africa Testimonial

Age: N/A
Smoked: 20+ Years
Vaping: 8 years

I started smoking cigarettes from around 12years old, I smoked cigarettes for 20+ years.

I’d tried quitting many times over the years, using several different strategies- patches, nic tablets, OTC medications to reduce cravings, quitting buddies/support but nothing worked. Around 2012 a I found a advert about Vaping, after some research and taking to some friends, I found that Vape products are FLIPPEN expensive.Then eventually found a VAPE shop this guy(Adrian De Vries) was running from his home. His prices was extremely less than his competitors. He advised me on a device and what liquids is should use if I want to quit smoking.

That was a game changer. From that same afternoon I quit cigarettes and began VAPING only. I started on 36mg in 2012 with Cuban Cigar flavour and now I am on between 3mg and 0mg nicotine. Over the years I’ve actually DECREASED the amount of nicotine I use.

Thank you to Adrian and his awesome team (Shane and Zade) for all the awesome advice and help over the years.