Vap3 Mouth to Lung E-Liquids

Vape Africa stocks their own in-house juices and e-liquids under the brand Vap3. With over 6 years of juice and liquid development. We are sure to have a premium juice or liquid to suit your individual needs. We stock a wide variety of e-liquid juices and liquids from fruity, to tobacco, to energy drink, to minty and many other various type flavours Mouth To Lung liquids are designed to be used with E-cigarettes.

These products are for vapers who are looking for a good and satisfying throat hit. Juices that best work with these devices are higher nicotine such as 16mg and 6mg. The VG and PG ratio of these juices are best suited for a mouth to lung device. High VG liquids clog up coils more rapidly, and will not work well if at all. None of our flavours contains formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetyl propionyl or diacetyl.

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