50 Reasons to quit smoking cigarettes today
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23/Oct 50 Reasons to quit smoking cigarettes today

It is no secret that Vapeafrica was started due to a demand for a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. Here is a list with 50 reasons why you should quit smoking conventional cigarettes and switch over alternative nicotine products should you not be able to just go cold turkey!

1. LUNG CANCER: Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer.
2. HEART DISEASE: One out of every 5 heart disease deaths’ is directly related to smoking.
3. DIABETES: Smoking causes type 2 diabetes.
4. LIVER CANCER: Smoking increases your risk of developing liver cancer.
5. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: Smoking builds up in plaque in the arteries and obstructs blood flow.
6. ECTOPIC PREGNANCY: Around 11% of these types of pregnancies can be directly associated to smoking.
7. VISION LOSS: Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of cataracts and glaucoma.
8. TUBERCULOSIS: If you have been treated for tuberculosis in the past, smoking doubles your chance of getting it again.
9. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITUS: Smoking increases your likelihood of developing rheumatoid arthritis.
10. COLORECTAL CANCER: Those who smoke are more likely to die from colorectal cancer.
11. SECONDHAND SMOKE: Each year in the US, second-hand smoke causes 42000 deaths from heart disease and 3400 deaths from lung cancer.
12. MEDICAL CARE: It was reported that R289 billion rand was spent on medical care for smokers in one year.
13. LOSS OF YEARS OF LIFE: People who smoke can lose more than 10 years of their life.
14. STROKE: Smoking makes the blood thicker and more likely to clot, causing strokes.
15. BLADDER CANCER: The number one risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking.
16. CERVICAL CANCER: The risk of developing cervical cancer doubles in women who smoke.
17. IMMUNE SYSTEM: Smoking depresses antibodies and cells in the body that are supposed to help fight off invaders.
18. CLEFT PALATES: Smoking during pregnancy increases the likelihood of having a baby with a cleft palate.
19. CANCER TREATMENT: Smoking increases the chances that a cancer treatment will fail.
20. INCREASED ILLNESS: Smoking increases your chances of picking up common illnesses.
21. YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE: Smoking makes your skin look older and more haggard. It also discolours your fingernails and teeth.
22. MONEY: After one year, you will have saved around R20000 if you quit smoking.
23. TIME: Quitting alleviates the worry about when you will be able to smoke next.
24. SMELLS: Quitting will make your clothes, kids, car and house smell better.
25. FAMILY: Second-hand smoking is dangerous for the health of people around.
26. ANIMAL TESTING: Animals were used to test the dangers of smoking the US.
27. BETTER SLEEP: Smoking keeps you from falling into a deep sleep.
28. STRONGER BONES: Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.
29. HEARING LOSS: People who smoke are 70% more likely to suffer from hearing loss.
30. VACATIONS: England, France, New Zealand and Puerto Rico now only offer smoke-free bars and restaurants.
31. PSORIASIS: Smoking can increase the risk of developing psoriasis.
32. WARMER HANDS AND FEET: Poor circulation is another symptom of smoking.
33. LESS CAFFEINE: When you smoke, your body requires almost twice as much caffeine.
34. SAFER BIRTH CONTROL: Smoking while taking a form of contraceptive increases a woman’s risk of severe side effects.
35. CROHN’S DISEASE: People who smoke have a higher risk factor for developing Crohn’s disease.
36. ACID REFLUX: Cigarettes can cause heartburn.
37. EAT LESS: Studies have shown that smoking makes you eat more.
38. INTERIOR DESIGN: Cigarette smoke causes yellow staining on the walls in the house of a smoker.
39. HAIR: Smoking can cause premature baldness and lower the age at which hair begins to turn grey.
40. PETS: Not only can second-hand smoke harm your family and kids, but it can also hurt your pets.
41. LIFE INSURANCE: Life insurance rates are 20 to 30% lower for non-smokers.
42. FASTER HEALING WOUNDS: Smoking causes wounds to heal slower because it reduces blood flow to the skin.
43. SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME: The cancer causing chemicals in second-hand smoke also effect infants, damaging their lungs, hearts and brains.
44. MENOPAUSE: Women who smoke have more hot flashes as they proceed through menopause.
45. INCREASED SPERM: Smoking damages sperm cells and makes them less able to fertilize an egg.
46. RELATIONSHIPS: A Match.com poll discovered that 58% of their users would not date a person who smokes cigarettes.
47. DEMENTIA: Smoking is a significant factor for vascular dementia.
48. FERTILITY: Women who smoke face a faster loss rate for their fertile eggs when they smoke.
49. ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE: The mental decline in elderly smokers is five times faster than in elderly non-smokers.
50. LUPUS: Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of developing lupus.

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