Smoant Pasito Review
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25/Feb Smoant Pasito Review

Let’s take a look at one of Smoant’s latest pod kits. I will be reviewing the Smoant Pasito Pod Kit. It looks like a lot of e-cigarette manufacturers are headed in this direction in terms of this new style and look, I like to refer to these type of pods as “boxpods”. When it comes to the Pasito Kit, I think Smoant has definitely stepped up their game by adding more features to this product compared to many of the other devices in its class.

First Impression

The first impressions I got from this kit was good from the moment I received the kit. I was impressed by how slim and compact the packaging of the product is and once I opened the package, the contents of the kit was neatly laid out in the packaging and looked as if every little component was sitting in its place. The device is well displayed in the centre as you open the box and mimics the picture of the device in front of the box. The kit includes the battery mod, the pod cartridge, a 0.6ohm Direct lung coil, a 1.4ohm Nichrome Mouth To Lung coil, a Type-C charging cable, a coil warning card, a QC certificate card, a warranty card and a user manual.


The Pasito mod has a rectangular shape frame with the pod attached to it via two strong magnets. The mod is 38mm wide and about 18mm thick and is very light in weight compared to most of its competitors. One of the main physical features that I like about the device is that it sits comfortably in a jean pocket because of its flat sides.

Mod Build

The mod has got a CPR plastic panel on the one side and on the other side, it has two separate panels, one panel to disguise the indicator lights and the other panel for decoration. The indicator lights display the device’s battery level and also displays the devices power output when you are changing the power output. When the LED lights light up, they are clearly visible even though they are well hidden under the plastic panel. On the shorter side of the device, you will find two buttons and below them will be the Type-C USB charging port. The top button is your fire button and the button below that is used to adjust the power output between the 5 power options available. The Type-C USB charging port charges the device at a rate of 5V/1A and also supports pass through vaping so you can vape while the device is on charge.

Just the tip

The pod that is included in the kit is made of a durable plastic with high heat resistance that’s more resistant to chemicals such as e-liquid. The pod is transparent so the user is able to see the e-liquid level and it is visible in low light conditions as well. The pod comes with a proprietary drip tip which acts more as a sleeve rather than your common drip tips that have a 510 fitting. To refill the pod, you will have to unscrew the top cap and fill the pod by applying your e-liquid into the gap through the sides on the coil.

The Coils

There are two different coils included in the kit, the pre-installed coil is a 0,6ohm Direct Lung mesh coil and the spare coil in the box is a 1,4ohm Nichrome Mouth To Lung coil. One of the main reasons why I like this device is because it gives the user the best of both worlds in terms of MTL & DL.

So whats great about it?

The gem with this kit is the fact that there is an RBA coil available for this device. The RBA is not included in the kit and will have to be purchased separately. The RBA is very small in size because it has to be able to slot properly into the pod and might be a challenge for vapers that are new to rebuilding. The user is able to install a single coil into the RBA and if installed correctly, will perform great and deliver amazing flavour compared to the normal subohm coils. There is a 510 adapter included in the RBA kit which makes it a lot easier for the user to heat and clean the coil without needing to have it slotted into the pod of the device. Depending on the coil that the user installs into the RBA, the battery life might change compared to the standard subohm coils that are included in the kit of the device but is definitely worth it for the performance and flavour that is delivered from the RBA.

In a nut shell

In conclusion I think the Smoant Pasito is definitely a great pod system because apart from how great performs, it is good value for money especially if the user is on a tight budget because everything you need to start off with is included in the starter kit apart from the e-liquid.

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